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Presenting a selection of current and recently completed projects showcasing the range of our home improvement, building and construction services.


Renovations to Thatch Cottage

It takes a lot of work to bring a run-down cottage back to life, requiring patience and creativity.

While it can be easier to build a new property from scratch than to retrofit modern conveniences to an old property, for many people new builds just don’t have the character of an old cottage.

There are a range of services we can help with:

  • Reinforcing or creating foundations
  • Damp proofing and insulating existing stone walls
  • Retrofitting plumbing and electrics
  • Crafting bespoke windows & doors to fit non-conventional openings
  • Applying lime washes to the exterior
  • Repairing damp spots
Home project in progress - LSK Building Westbury, Warminster and Trowbridge

Damp protection in particular is something we pay close attention to given our traditional British weather.

Insulation is another area which requires thought. Old cottages are often quite inefficient to heat so a balance has to be struck between lowering energy costs and retaining the original charm of exposed internal stone walls.

There is an art to renovating a cottage. The fact that they were originally the houses of the poor and lacked the polish of more expensive houses is a key reason for their rustic charm today. To overly modernise a cottage could end up stripping it of it’s character.

Modern building methods and materials like cement and plastic-based paints can cause issues by trapping moisture in the walls. Instead we make use of more traditional materials like lime and distemper. Traditional lime-based paints offer a textured, matt finish and distinctive pastel colours which are more in keeping with the cottage and their porous nature allows the walls to breathe, reducing damp build up.


Kitchen Refit

The kitchen is the heart of any home. There are a range of improvement we can make, whether it is altering the design, redoing the floors, constructing a new island or simple cabinet updates, there are numerous benefits to kitchen renovations. It’s worth bearing in mind that while you will enjoy these benefits on a daily basis you are also adding value to your home and are likely to recoup some or even all of the cost involved with a higher selling price if you decide to move.

Because we have remodelled so many kitchens we are familiar with all the potential ‘gotchas’ that less experienced kitchen fitters often run into, such a leaving insufficient counter space and the correct placement of light fixtures. The toe-kick below the cabinets needs to be suitable for your the thickness of your flooring. The flooring needs to match the height of flooring in the adjoining rooms to properly join up.

Home project in progress - LSK Building Westbury, Warminster and Trowbridge


Wooden decking is a great way to add something beautiful and functional to your garden. The decking makes it more pleasurable to spend time outdoors for a fraction of the cost of an extension. So if the decision is between softwood and hardwood, which should you opt for? Softwood will be cheaper but will require re-sanding and resealing on a regular basis. Hardwood costs more up front but is more durable and requires less maintenance. All our decking is properly sealed to help prevent mould. We also recommend re-treating and re-sealing it every two years maintain it in peak condition.


Internal and External Painting and Decorating

If you are selling your home one of the best things you can do is refresh your interior and exterior paintwork. Perhaps the interior should be a more neutral colour to make it easier for potential buyers to visualise what they would like to do with the space? Even if you are not intending to move using high quality paints can reduce odours and minimise dust which might be causing breathing problems. A good coat of paint on the exterior will help protect the property from the elements. Painting the interior can be a great way of giving your home a fresh new look without the cost of a full remodelling.

While we do general home maintenance, one of the most common reasons people use us is for our painting and decorating skills, which are second to none. There are a variety of tips and techniques we’ve learned over the years which make sure we get a great finish every time. For example, did you know that when painting flooring putting a little sand in the paint can help add traction and grip?

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